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Polypac Converting: Melbourne, Victoria based manufacturers of plain & printed polythene plastic bags, perforated plastic rolls and suppliers of plastic film.

Hotel & Tourism Industry

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Garbage Bags

We carry a full full range of Garbage bags, Bin liners and kitchen tidies in both high and low density. They also come star sealed in black, white or any colour of your choice, from small 27 & 36 litre bin liners to 54 litre kitchen tidies through to large 200 litre drum liners and 240 litre wheelie bin liners.  We can also custom make.

If you need a custom product or need any more information about our Garbage Bag range, get in contact with us!

Singlet Carry Bags

Retail singlet carry bags are strong, attractive, and easy to carry. Made from light-weight high density plastic make them resistant to punctures or tears. Gusseted sides give extra storage space and expandability for bulky items.

To find out more about our Singlet Carry Bags or the rest of our Plastic Bag range, please Contact Us.

Customised Bags

Our made to order bags can be produced in any size, gauge (thickness), seal, on a roll or in a box or for any other use.

Contact Us for more information about our Customised Bags.